Coyote Watershed

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The 321-square-mile Coyote Creek Watershed  flows northward into San Francisco Bay, extending from the vast natural areas of the Diablo Range down to the urbanized valley floor and baylands.

This is the largest and most diverse watershed  in the county, and its natural areas include rare  serpentine soils and sensitive plant communities requiring special management, and several streams that are home to steelhead trout.

Upper Penitencia Creek is one of Coyote Creek’s main tributaries, with Cherry Flat Reservoir (owned and operated by the City of San Jose) located in its upper reach. Other tributaries include Fisher Creek, Upper Silver Creek, Lower Silver/Thompson creeks, and Lower Berryessa Creek. District-owned reservoirs in this watershed include Coyote and Anderson reservoirs, both located on the main stem of Coyote Creek east of the City of Morgan Hill.