Measuring Progress

These documents are a work-in-progress, representing draft measures for assessing the status of the 10 objectives in the One Water Plan. Each objective (A thru J) would be measured via  specific attributes and metrics, as described in the documents.

Once these measures are finalized they will help to measure progress toward a healthier watershed and water resources in Santa Clara County.  Proposed projects will be ranked in part by how well they meet these measures

A: Reliable Water Supply  (12/2016 update)

B: Sustainable Groundwater (11/2016 update)

C: Water Quality

D: Flood Risk Reduction (12/2016 update)

E: Expanded Floodplains (12/2016 update)

F: Supportive Stream Flows (12/2016 update)

G: Resilient Habitats

H: Climate Change

I: Emergency Preparedness (11/2016 update)

J: Community Engagement (12/2016 update)