What is that One Water logo all about?

one-water-logo-postLogos are powerful ways to make a first impression. And they’re great for visually representing what we stand for.

The water district is particularly proud of our logo for the effort to improve water resources management. At first glance, it bears a close resemblance to a flower. But let us tell you a little bit more about what all those “petals” represent. You’ll soon see it’s more than just a pretty picture.

Developed by Project Manager Brian Mendenhall and district Graphic Designer Joy Lim, the logo illustrates that One Water is all about managing many types of water, whether directly or in coordination with other planning efforts.

In the center is the large water drop, symbolizing our foundation. Each petal is actually a water drop of its own, representing the different forms of water the district is concerned with, including groundwater, stormwater, floodwater, recycled water, raw water, imported water, water for habitat and water for the baylands. As in the real world, all are connected to each other.

Our logo is a vital way communicating what our mission is all about. We look forward to sharing all of that with you as we move ahead! Stay tuned.


The One Water map is live!

MapTool-thWe want you to explore your watersheds! And using maps is a powerful tool to begin to understand how various water resource topics relate to each other.

The One Water Plan webpage allows you to use our map interface to turn data layers on and off and zoom in and out. And you can now enter your input from the comfort of your own home via the web form on the “Map Your Concerns” tab. We’ll collect this input and add it to the One Water Community Input layer, allowing users to see where their community is identifying challenges and opportunities across the watershed and allow the water district to consider your input for future planning.

The update is live. So give it a try by clicking here!



Who is involved?

The people behind the One Water Plan have many years of experience with successfully building community partnerships.

  • Afshin Rouhani| Engineering Unit Manager | Water Resources Planning and Policy
  • Brian Mendenhall | Project Manager | Office of Water Resources and Plan
  • Sara Duckler | Senior Engineer | Office of Water Resources and Planning
  • Tracy Hemmeter| Senior Project Manager| Water Supply Planning and Conservation
  • Tony Mercado | Public Information Representative | Communications and Customer Engagement

Contact the One Water Plan staff here.