one-water-about-sidebarThe One Water Plan integrates the water supply, flood protection, and stream stewardship missions of the water district at the watershed scale. Drawing from detailed existing programs and plans, One Water seeks to find the nexus between these three mission components for new opportunities in integrated water resources management.

One Water does not replace the substantial existing planning in place by the District’s Water Utility Enterprise and the Watersheds Division but instead looks for opportunities to further protect and enhance water resources.

How will the plan work?

The tiered plan begins with a countywide framework (Tier I) to establish guidance for watershed-specific plans. Then each of the five major watersheds in Santa Clara County – Coyote, Guadalupe, West Valley, Lower Peninsula and Uvas/Llagas – will have their own master plan (Tier II) that will guide future decisions on programs and projects to protect or enhance our community and environment.

The plans will also provide a basis for partnerships with other agencies, funding initiatives, grant opportunities, and new policy recommendations.

These are intended to lead to:

  • An integrated approach to water resources management supported by the community
  • A sustainable watershed habitat
  • Enhanced relationships with public and regulatory agencies
  • Improved living environment for residents and wildlife

We estimate that it will take up to four years to complete the plans for all five watersheds, following completion of the countywide plan. The first watershed-specific plan will be Coyote Watershed, followed by Guadalupe and West Valley, and then Lower Peninsula and Uvas-Llagas watersheds. We anticipate the implementation of these plans will lead to new projects, programs, policies and partnerships.