Since our last post in January, we have been busy developing and selecting indicator metrics that will track the status and progress on all ten of the One Water objectives.  Our criteria for adopting an indicator metric was that it must be meaningful and it must be relatively inexpensive to collect – or already available.  With a solid set of indicator metrics now in place (See current lists of metrics HERE), we have begun to gather and assemble data on today’s status for each metric indicator.  We expect to have preliminary baseline values for all of the metrics by the end of June.  With more than 70 metrics supporting the ten objectives, the task is time-consuming. We have been collecting data from published, online, and internal reports, from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and from personal interviews with subject experts.  Even the “easy-to-collect” metrics typically entail pulling data from multiple sources and running analyses that have never been conducted before!  This first run of data collection will help to create a baseline assessment of status for our ten objectives. It will also provide us insight into which metrics are most valuable, and whether any should be revised for future assessments.  As a living document, the One Water plan will definitely benefit from our active learn-as-you-go mindset.

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