As we develop the One Water Plan, one major consideration is to be able to track future improvements we might gain through the integrated water resources management approach.  The answer lies in developing meaningful metrics to track our success, specifically our success at achieving the One Water objectives.  Ten objectives were developed through our collaborative stakeholder and science-backed process (see Goals and Objectives Tab/Objectives).  We are developing metrics to track our progress over time for each objective, and for the plan as a whole.
objectivesa-j_simple-barchartTo measure progress at meeting our objectives, we had to delve into the critical components of each one – how can we measure progress in a clear and meaningful way?

First, we identified attributes , effectively representing characteristics of the objective.  Second, metrics are being developed to demonstrate what about each attribute should be measured, by asking our subject-matter experts “what are the important and measurable indicators that will show us progress over time?”  Third, targets will be established to set an end goal.  The above status chart (using purely hypothetical values) shows how, once we set targets, we can chart progress toward the target of each objective, and see them all at the same time (meeting a target = 100% achievement on the chart). The overall goal is to be able to show how we are moving from Point A (baseline condition) to Point B (target) over time by implementing activities recommended through One Water.  Success means a healthier watershed in terms of stream stewardship, flood risk reduction, and water supply.

Go to the Goals and Objectives Tab now and look for Measuring Progress to see the latest draft of proposed metrics.  And stay tuned for a future blog update on how we are setting targets!


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